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Course Description

The Germany Career Kickstarter is a series of workshops that provide a comprehensive and intensive introduction to looking for a job in Germany.

Comprised of several modules, the Germany Career Kickstarter serves as an intensive introduction to transitioning from being a student in Germany to applying for work. This ranges from deciding whether or not Germany is the right option – and if so, which opportunity in Germany – is the right fit, to planning a job search and finally, applying for work and interviewing in Germany.

This course, made up of multiple workshops, brings together the key strategies I teach that bring the most impactful and sustainable results.

While some universities book all modules in the Germany Career Kickstarter for their students, each module can be booked separately as a workshop.

The Germany Career Kickstarter Curriculum


Additional modules I have taught include:

  • Finding an internship in Germany

  • Opportunities in Germany for International Students (taught at universities outside of Germany)

  • German for Work

  • Germany Job Search Jump Start: Strategies for International Students

  • Ph.D. in Germany Career Comprehensive: Finding Work Outside of Academia



The Germany Career Kickstarter–Planning and Preparing for Your Germany Career Start (Plan&Prep for short) is one of the most popular workshops in the program. Below you will find further information about the module and what it entails. To learn more about the curriculum and content of further modules, please fill out the contact form or booking inquiry and I will send you more information.

  • The Germany Career Kickstarter (GCK) is a comprehensive coaching program for internationals devoted to navigating the journey from making the decision to look for work in Germany to mastering the crucial probationary period. Individualized pathways and workshops are based on original, proven curriculum that is adapted to each student group's specific needs. The GCK–Planning & Preparation workshop will help students create a solid foundation for planning and preparing for a job search in Germany, avoid the most common mistakes internationals make, and set the stage for successful, systematized career preparation.

  • While some internationals are successful with launching and growing their careers in Germany, others struggle with finding suitable employment. Adequate planning and preparation are needed to understand the context of job searching in Germany long before sending out applications. In this workshop, you'll learn key, effective strategies for understanding what is expected of you as an applicant and how you can best prepare for your Germany career launch.

    • How can a career launch in Germany be planned?

    • German labor market needs and entry avenues

    • Preparation before the application: creating a skills development action plan (SDAP)

    • Advanced information about the German labor market (e.g. industries in Germany)

    • Where can you work with which degree (e.g. positions available, company/organizational options i.e. not only large corporations and banks, but also universities, research institutions, associations, educational institutions, etc.)

    • Typical required/preferred profiles and chances on the job market for certain degree programs

    • The role professional social media, language skills, and your applicant profile play in the process

    • Application strategies and application strategy diversification

    • Common mistakes internationals make

    • Support with drafting a realistic career start timeline

  • Students will walk away from this workshop:

    • feeling better prepared for the German job market,

    • with actionable strategies for improving their employability in Germany and

    • a clear idea of the planning process involved.


A Selection of Further Topics Covered in the Germany Career Kickstarter

Germany Career Kickstarter for International Students

What’s Included

Each module varies slightly

A password-protected course homepage

Pre-workshop survey that allows me to craft the workshop specific to each particular group

Blended learning: pre-workshop videos and to-dos

Take-home materials and additional resources (see below)

Direct contact form for student questions to ask questions

Beautiful, modern presentation slides

Always up-to-date and refreshed to fit each group

Yes, students can have the slides

Student take-home materials

Setting up an ICMS + file organization

The NEXT Method

The SDAP Spreadsheet

The German Resume Guide

The Cover Letter Cheat Sheet

The Content & Consistency Checklist

Interviewing Preparation & Resources Handout

The resume is done. Now what? The next steps planner

LinkedIn: How to Write a Standout Summary Worksheet

LinkedIn: The Next Level LinkedIn Checklist

LinkedIn: Job Search Strategies Planner

 What Students Will Accomplish


Students will leave the Germany Career Kickstarter with a straightforward plan for their Germany career launch. They will have the knowledge necessary for this and a grasp of the tools that will make their job search more effective. They will feel empowered to take control of their career start regardless of if they are in their first semester or their last.


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