Workshop Description

Students benefit from learning from multiple perspectives,
get individual attention, and feel empowered by a community.

Germany Career Circles is small group career coaching for international and/or domestic students in Germany. Through regular sessions, students benefit from personalized support from at least one career coach and from peers. These 60-minute sessions have a maximum of 12 students. There are two models for Germany Career Circles: topic-driven or issue-driven. Topic-driven is when the weekly sessions have set topics to be discussed (e.g. resume, cover letter). Issue-driven is when students bring whatever they are struggling with or have questions on and the sessions are guided by their needs (e.g. power dynamics at work, differences in business culture). Regardless of the type, each session provides some combination of the opportunity to ask questions, gain advice on a variety of career topics, hands-on activities and access to topic-related materials.

Target group: Germany Career Circles is designed for international students in Germany, as defined by Wolter (2020), this includes exchange/degree-seeking students, refugees, scholars, and domestic students with a migrant background.

Length: Germany Career Circles is designed to be offered as one-hour sessions over a set period of time (e.g. once a week for eight weeks).

Second Coach (optional): If you would like to include an additional coach with a different area of expertise from mine (German native, focus on career transitions, focus on a specific field, etc.), I can arrange this at an additional cost. Moreover, if you wish to have one of your university’s career coaches participate as the second coach, that works as well.

Session Concept

The Germany Career Circles session structure is based
on the 3C Germany Model and instructional concept.



Pre-readings (if topic-based)

Introductory videos (if topic-based)

Survey (if issue-based)





Addressing anxieties and concerns



Reflection worksheet

Lingering questions


What’s Included

A password-protected homepage

Pre-workshop survey that allows me to craft the sessions specific to each particular group (or the use of a learning management system provided by the university)

Direct contact form for students to ask questions

Personalized support

Exclusive, individualized coaching

Take-home materials and additional resources

Mentioned links will be added to the workshop website for easy access

Student take-home materials

This course has quite a few worksheets, handouts, and other take home materials depending on the topic taught. Inquire for details.

 What Students Are Saying

I participated in Germany Career Circles & German Resume Rockstar workshop by Jessica. The comprehensive content was tailormade for international students seeking a career in Germany. The sessions were peppered with Germany's higher education research data further elaborating on the points discussed during the seminars. The sessions were interactive and she also incorporated case-specific questions of the participants. Owing to her workshops, I have gained confidence and information to kickstart my career in Germany.
– Vaibhav V.

Who This Course Was Built By

About the Instructor

Hallo! I’m Jessica, a Germany-focused
career coach, trainer, & international educator.

You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn and Xing profiles, read my career story, or check out testimonials from students.

The design and content of this workshop is an accumulation of and backed primarily by these four educational and work experiences:

  1. Lecturer in German Cultural Studies

I taught original curricula for intercultural seminars about Germany in German and English for undergraduate and graduate international students, including Germany from an Intercultural Perspective and Current Affairs, Culture & Debates in Germany.


3. Founder and Manager of a Career Service for International Students

My experience founding and managing an International Career Service, including the development of a new seminar series for international students, is tied into this training.

2. Qualified Facilitator of the Sentio Global Competence Certificate

I am trained as a Qualified Facilitator of the Sentio Global Competence Certificate, offered by one of the world’s oldest and largest student exchange organizations.


4. Experience as an International Student & Job Seeker in Germany

I have been an international student at two universities in Germany as well as an international (Germany) job seeker.

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