Strategy Development, Planning Services, and Consulting

(International Career Services)

I will help you and your institution shape a customized strategy for developing or improving your delivery of international career services by optimally developing existing measures and building on what is working. To do this, I first work with you to analyze the status quo. Then I provide input for how to rearrange structures and measures, identify new areas of growth and increase the commitment for a sustainable and successful approach to providing global career services to international and domestic students. 

  • Dependent upon institution needs

    • Formation of (or optimization of) an optimal basis for a sustainable, targeted international career services strategy

    • Creation of an optimal basis for new or for the optimization of existing International Career Service measures

    • Holistic inventory and individual target formulation

    • Targeted identification of needs, strengths, and improvement potentials

    • Improve transparency, visibility, and recognition among internal and external stakeholders

    • Identification of internal pain points and needs

    • Creation of concrete measures and recommendations for action

    • Measurement of the success of program implementation and management

    • Research and assessment (research design, implementation, assessment plan and strategy, program evaluation, quantitative and qualitative methods)

    • International career curriculum development

    • Detailed comparison with competitors and identification of own market position in International Career Services

    • Scientifically sound and up-to-date know-how on all aspects of International Career Services

    • Insights into global and Germany-wide best practices of career services for international students

    • Identify tactics for recruiting and retaining more international students in your institution’s region

    • Plan new and improved international events

    • Optimal grounding for targeted and sustainable International Career Service strategy and related measures

    • Inspiring methods and frameworks

    • Individual content and interactive tasks as well as sustainable learning success for Career Service employees

    • Support for controlling, evaluation and assessment

    • Clear results

    • Development of an international internship program in Germany; support for creating career-focused study abroad programs in Germany

    • Development of a strategy for skilled labor integration in a specific region in Germany, as well as the establishment of international career services at a local university

    • Development of international career services for international students (Germany) as well as international and domestic students (USA)

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