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Thanks for your interest in my workshops!

These FAQs should take care of some preliminary questions. Everything else specific to your workshop we can discuss in our planning appointment.

What services and workshops do you offer?

I offer workshops for students and services to higher education institutions and other educational organizations. 

What topics do you cover in your workshops? 

The workshops are offered in two main areas:

1) Career workshops focused on Germany for international students

2) Workshops for international career preparation

If there is something else you are interested in and you think I would be a good fit, simply reach out to me via this contact form.

What services do you offer?

The services I offer include:

If there is something else you are interested in and you think I would be a good fit, simply reach out to me via this contact form.

What is the Germany Career Kickstarter?

The Germany Career Kickstarter is an original, comprehensive training program I developed for international students, young professionals, and expats interested in launching a career in Germany. It is taught in full as an online course (see the Germany Career Coach website) to individuals, as well as in workshop format at universities. Most universities book 1-3 modules from the Germany Career Kickstarter every semester, although some have purchased the entire program for their international student body.

What is the German Resume Rockstar?

The German Resume Rockstar is part of the Germany Career Kickstarter. It is the module that provides a detailed yet crash course in creating a resume that speaks to German employers and, for many students, leads to results within days. It is one of my most-booked workshops, which is why it is displayed separately to provide more detailed information.

Can I get an example or overview of the curriculum?

Yes–please fill out either the contact form or booking inquiry and indicate which workshop you would like to learn more about.

How long is each workshop?

Most workshops are around four hours each and are usually taught in two-hour increments over the course of two days, with 1-2 weeks in between the two workshop days. This gives the students time to do the worksheets and activities.

How do I book?

Fill out the booking inquiry form in English or in German and, if you would like, schedule a planning appointment.

What is a planning appointment?

If you would like, we can discuss your interests and needs in a zoom call and get all the planning done at once. You can schedule the appointment here.

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

I will send you an invoice for your records; however, I will send the final version (that goes to the booking department) after the workshop. If your university has special steps for this, just let me know.

Can you teach online? Are you open to in-person workshops?

At the moment, all workshops continue to be taught online. Due to my Ph.D. program, I currently split my time between Germany and the United States. Therefore, I can provide on-site workshops in both countries at different times throughout the year. Please simply indicate in the booking form that you prefer an onsite workshop. 

How many participants do you recommend in a workshop?

I recommend 12-30 participants per workshop. In most cases, more than 30 participants will incur an upcharge. 

Can you teach in German and English?

Yes! Please indicate if you would like the workshop to be in English or German.

Do you use a specific video conferencing tool?

I prefer zoom. If your university requires the use of their zoom/WebEx/Teams, etc. that is not a problem.

How long is the workshop?

The most common workshop length chosen is 4 hours, which is split between two workshop days that are a week or two apart (e.g. March 1 for 2 hours and March 8 for 2 hours). Students use the time in between the workshop days to complete handouts and assigned activities. The second workshop day always includes further input (teaching) and feedback on the work completed between the two sessions.

What days and times can you offer the workshop?

Please indicate at least three day/time preferences in the contact or booking form. I am fine with evening or weekend workshops if your students prefer that.

Will you use our university’s contract?

I will use your university’s contract. If you do not have one, we will use mine.

What is a workshop website?

Every workshop gets a website that is password protected. This includes a pre-workshop survey, links to the online meeting, handouts, resources mentioned at the workshop, and a contact form for students to ask individual questions directly.

Do you have marketing materials we can use?

Yes! You get access to an info sheet with the workshop information that you can use and repurpose for marketing the workshop. In addition, you get the workshop logo from each workshop you book, and my picture and bio. You are welcome to use any of the text, logo, and my information to market the workshop as you see fit.

What do you charge?

Prices range depending on the workshop type and if you book add-ons such as individual resume reviews for students. The average workshop costs between 500-1500€.

Is tax included?

All prices include tax.

Can we discuss changing the content of the workshop?

In general, I am open to suggestions and requests to alter the content for the workshops, as long as the learning goals are not compromised.

Do you have references?

I have worked with private and public universities, exchange organizations, and individual clients and companies. You can view a list of previous and current organizations and universities I have worked with on my about page. I am also happy to connect you with a reference or two if need be.

Do you offer individualized workshops?

If you know what you would like me to teach based on my background and profile, I am always open to new concepts, formats, and topics. I am happy to accommodate individual preferences and ideas.

Do you teach full courses?

Yes. I have experience teaching German cultural studies at the university level (undergraduate and graduate). If you are interested in a semester-long course (Lehrauftrag) related to Germany-focused career preparation, German cultural studies, or a combination, please get in touch.

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