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Hallo! I’m Jessica, a Germany-focused
career coach, trainer, &

international educator.

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My role in building an international career service department at a German university afforded me familiarization with the particularities of career development in the land of fairytale castles and SMEs.

Through my work, I help:

  • International students and young professionals interested in interning or working in Germany

  • German students interested in interning or working abroad

  • All students with leveraging the power of LinkedIn and personal websites to set the foundation for their online professional brand

Through coaching over a thousand international students, young professionals, and expats, I’ve developed an evidence-backed system to get internationals prepared to present themselves confidently to German employers. My philosophy is centered on giving my students the knowledge and skills that will catapult them personally and professionally forward, while empowering them to take ownership over their international careers for years to come.

Beyond the insightful content I provide in the workshops, my teaching approach emboldens students to manage their careers, become lifelong learners, and take responsibility for their professional trajectories.

I’m motivated by and invested in the success of my students. Past participants often describe me as energetic and engaging with a friendly demeanor.

My native language is American English and I speak German fluently (C1/C2).

I value and represent: authenticity | innovation | collaboration | lifelong learning


What sets me apart

  • My experience founding and managing an International Career Service at a German university had continuously high attendance rates and satisfaction scores.

  • I conduct doctoral-level research on career services for international students in Germany. In a recent study, I reviewed and surveyed the international career service provision at Germany’s 400+ universities.

  • I taught original curricula for intercultural seminars about Germany in German and English for undergraduate and graduate international students, including Germany from an Intercultural Perspective and Current Affairs, Culture & Debates in Germany.

  • I have been an international student at two universities in Germany as well as a fellow international job seeker looking for work in Germany–I know the experience firsthand.

  • Along with my research, I use other’s academic and practical research, along with good practice examples from practitioners, to inform how my workshops and services are structured, as well as the content included in them.

  • I am trained as a Qualified Facilitator of the Sentio Global Competence Certificate, offered by one of the world’s oldest and largest student exchange organizations.

Relevant Germany & Career Services Experience

I have years of experience in Germany: working, interning, volunteering, teaching, tutoring, coaching, and traveling.
Here are some of the highlights.

Doctoral Researcher, Internationalization of Career Services | 2021–current

Freelance Trainer & Germany Career Coach | 2019–current

Founder & Manager of Germanista Internships | 2016–2020

International Career Service Founder & Manager | University of Augsburg | 2017–2019

German Studies University Lecturer | University of Augsburg | 2017–2019

Internationalization Project Coordinator | University of Augsburg | 2017–2019

Career Counseling & Labor Market Intern | German Federal Employment Agency | 2014

Career Services Assistant | College of Saint Benedict | 2013-2014

Career & Education Advising Intern | Minnesota Workforce Center | 2014


I’m also an alumna of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD),
and the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX) to Germany.


Ph.D. Educational Leadership & Applied Statistics | Miami University (Ohio) | USA | expected 2025

MBA Education & Research Management | University of Oldenburg | Germany | expected 2022

M.Sc. (Admin.) Research and Innovation in Higher Education | Erasmus Mundus: Austria & Finland | 2021

B.A. Sociology & German Studies | College of St. Benedict | USA | 2015

Research & Publications


Career Services and Workforce Integration of
International Students in Germany

My academic background is in higher education research and management, and one of my main research interests is international student employability and workforce integration in Germany. My Germany career workshops are therefore always sprinkled with the latest insights from research.


Schueller, J. (2022). Germany’s International Career Services: Marketing Mismatches and Sustainable Structures. International Higher Education (110), pp. 33-35.

Schueller, J. (2022). International Student Mobility and Labor Market Integration: A Review of Career Services for International Students at Higher Education Institutions in Germany. (Master’s thesis, University of Oldenburg, Oldenburg, Germany).

Schueller, J. (2022). Setting a Sustainable Agenda for Career Services for International Students in Germany. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (Hrsg.) (2022): Internationale Studierende in Deutschland: Perspektiven aus Hochschulforschung und Hochschulpraxis (DAAD Studien). Bonn: DAAD.

Schueller, J. (2022). The Internationalization of Career Services: Support for the Labor Market Integration of International Students in Germany and a Conceptual Framework for International Career Services. Internationalisation of Higher Education- Policy and Practice.

Schueller, Jessica (2022). Cost Sharing and Funding of International Student Career Services: Public-Private Partnerships in the German Context. Journal of Student Financial Aid: Vol. 51 : Iss. 3 , Article 5.

Schueller, J. (2020) Career Support for International Students: Lessons Learned & Success Strategies from the German Context. EURIE 2020 conference presentation and accompanying paper in conference proceedings publication.

Articles & Blogs

Career Education for International Students in Germany

I’m a contributing writer for the Alumniportal Deutschland on the topics of career planning, preparation,
job searching, and networking with a particular focus on internationals in Germany.

I also contribute weekly to the Germany Career Coach blog.
Below you will find a few examples of my writing and you can also subscribe to the weekly email update about new articles.

Previous Partners

I have worked with 30+ cooperation partners for workshops, events, and consulting projects; this list is therefore not exhaustive. I am happy to provide you with specific contact information upon request.


  • University of Augsburg

  • Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

  • CBS International Business School

  • Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

  • Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

  • University of Frankfurt

  • Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences

  • Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences

  • Justus Liebig University Giessen

  • Danube University-Krems (Austria)

  • University of Minnesota (USA)


  • DAAD

  • Alumniportal Germany

  • Baden-Württemberg international (bw-i): State agency for business and science in and for Baden-Württemberg

  • Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange

Private Clients

  • International and German students in Germany

  • International students and young professionals from abroad

  • Professors and managers (primarily from Germany)

What students are saying



“I participated in Germany Career Circles & German Resume Rockstar workshop by Jessica. The comprehensive content was tailormade for international students seeking a career in Germany. The sessions were peppered with Germany's higher education research data further elaborating on the points discussed during the seminars. The sessions were interactive and she also incorporated case-specific questions of the participants. Owing to her workshops, I have gained confidence and information to kickstart my career in Germany.”

— Vaibhav V.

The workshop "Germany Career Kickstarter - PhD Training" given by Jessica was incredibly helpful. Her profound knowledge and experiences in the HR / recruiting field provided great insights and are highly beneficial for the application process. The whole concept of career management was presented by her in a very clear way. Her workshop hit the perfect balance between interactivity/training and the transfer of knowledge.

— Michael H.

“Where to begin! As a participant of the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange, I first was introduced to Jessica via a workshop that she presented to our cohort of young professionals. As a verifiable expert on studying and working in Germany, Jessica shared a "Germany Career Kickstarter" presentation that gave us insight on specific information about the German job market and process of transitioning there. Not only is this information practically impossible to find elsewhere, but it was very clear, digestable, and practical.

On that note, every interaction I have had with Jessicaa has been exceedingly professional, well-organized, and productive. Having giving many professional presentations myself and having a geek-like love for research, I also recognize that Jessica does a truly amazing job at distilling complex information into easy to understand ideas. She is practical and direct, but not at all too serious or boring. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. She seems willing and interested to accomplish as much as she can with minimal time and effort, and you need only be willing to do the same.

Lastly, I just want to share that the knowledge and experience that Jessica has to share is truly unparalleled. This is consistently clear when one talks with her, reads through the content on her website, or reads the info in her newsletter/email campaigns. One will find nothing but valuable, focused content with clear reasoning, and a generally positive attitude behind every word.”

— Zane C.

Jessica is the real deal. As someone looking to return to Germany after years abroad, I felt headless in my search until I met Jessica. In just one strategy session, she helped set me on a clear path toward my professional future and gave me concrete action items to implement. She is the expert you need to navigate the many intricacies of the German job market."

—Anita H., German returnee

„This event (Germany Career Planning and Preparation) made me realize that I haven't been preparing fully and enough for the German labor market. It also gave good advice on how to proceed. […] The most important training, every international student should take it before studies.“

— Student from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

“Jessica is the go-to resource for international students seeking help in career planning as she always has up-to-date knowledge of career opportunities and application processes and materials.”

— Lea R.

"I had a message from a recruiter in my inbox
within days of completing Jessica’s LinkedIn workshop." 

— Maximilian R.

“She gave me all the information I needed in order to choose a master's program in Germany, not only according to my interests, but also taking into account the relevance of the degree for future job opportunities.”

— Jessie C.

Although I have been working full time for a while before, I still learned a lot from her in CV presentation, LinkedIn skills and job searching. With her help, I found a position for my thesis at TNO (the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) and almost immediately after that I got a job offer from a Fortune Top500 company in Holland. And at the same time (currently), I have also entered the final-round interview in another Top 500 company in Germany. 

— Juichung C.

„nochmals vielen Dank für deinen super hilfreichen Workshop. War vom Umfang und den behandelten Themen für mich genau perfekt.“

— Samuel K.

I really feel comfortable with the delivery method by Jessica Schueller and her empathy. She really does very well each time with
communicative skills and making sure every participant's query is important and heard. Also, her sessions are detailed and precise - without the unnecessary fluff.

— Student Participant, German Resume Rockstar

Der LinkedIn Workshop von Frau Schüller hat mir sehr gut gefallen,
weil er mit Spaß und einer klaren Struktur viel Wissen vermittelt hat.
Vor allem haben mir die diskutierten Beispiele und die Checklisten
geholfen mein Profil zu verbessern. Jetzt weiß ich worauf ich achten
muss und fühle mich sicherer im Umgang mit der Plattform. Ich kann den
Workshop nur jedem empfehlen!

— Sarah S., Next Level Networking Participant



To support international students interested in launching and building a career in Germany with transparent, evidence-based, and actionable career information and guidance.

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