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1分钟极速赛车官网开奖历史记录 Germany-focused Career Workshops

Supporting international students interested in launching and building a career in Germany with transparent, evidence-based, and actionable career information and guidance.

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Helping Universities Develop & Offer Inclusive Career Services

I’m Jessica Schüller, and my work supports:

  • international students and young professionals with launching and growing their careers in Germany;

  • higher education institutions with developing inclusive career services for international and domestic students.

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Mission & Philosophy

Targeted international career support benefits individuals, but it is also a service to society. Aligning the expectations of students and employers in Germany plays a central role in my trainings.  My philosophy is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills that will advance them personally and professionally and enable them to take responsibility for their own international careers for years to come. I work from the belief that exceptional preparation gives each person the chance to be invited to interviews, to conduct them with confidence, and to employ a strategy to land a suitable job. International career support plays a key role in promoting inclusion and access to employment opportunities.


I also make a point of keeping up to date with the latest research in the areas of (international) career coaching, labor market developments, and higher education policy. My doctoral research focuses on the internationalization of career services and I previously conducted a study on career services for international students offered at universities across Germany. As a result, both the workshop participants and universities I consult with benefit from the current developments, findings, and trends. All of my workshops are original and designed carefully based on proprietary pedagogical approaches such as the guided by the 3C Germany Model and instructional concept.

“Jessica passes on her knowledge to those who want to make the best of their professional lives in Germany and internationally. I definitely would not have been in the position I am in without her. She taught me and continues to teach others how to go after opportunities and enter the workforce with confidence.”

—Lauren M.

 Workshops, Services & Concept

I offer workshops in two main areas:
1) career workshops focused on Germany for international students
2) workshops for international career preparation

In addition, I also support universities with developing strategies for creating inclusive career services for international students, and with developing study and internship programs in Germany that focus on career development.

Both the workshops and services I offer are informed by research and practice.
You can learn more about my research and professional background here.

Career Workshops for
International Students


Germany Career Kickstarter

The original comprehensive training program for international students, young professionals, and expats interested in launching a career in Germany. 


一分钟极速赛车官网开奖历史记录,极速赛车在线查询开奖记录 German Resume Rockstar

A detailed yet crash course in creating a resume that speaks to German employers and, for many students, leads to results within days. 


Germany Career Circles

A tailored small group career coaching program guided by the 3C Germany Model and instructional concept.


Cultivating Germany Career Competencies

Germany-specific intercultural training with a focus on preparation for the application and interview process, and the work environment.

“I participated in Germany Career Circles & 极速赛车历史开奖结果在线查询-168极速赛车正规官网开奖网站 German Resume Rockstar workshop by Jessica. The comprehensive content was tailor-made for international students seeking a career in Germany. The sessions were peppered with Germany's higher education research data further elaborating on the points discussed during the seminars. The sessions were interactive and she also incorporated case-specific questions of the participants. Owing to her workshops, I have gained confidence and information to kickstart my career in Germany.”

—Vaibhav V.

Workshops for
International Career Preparation


Next Level Networking

An advanced introduction to developing a professional LinkedIn profile that helps students find opportunities – and get found. A student favorite!


Personal Website
in a Weekend

A how-to workshop that guides students through the process of planning, designing, and launching their first personal website.

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Jessica's Next Level LinkedIn workshop. She shared interesting and useful insights on the platform and how it can support one's career start. With its sensible structuring, the workshop invited people to participate and implement feedback. Jessica's open approach and her commitment to all participants, even after the workshop, made everyone benefit. Last but not least, her comprehensive knowledge of career management across various disciplines must be mentioned, which goes far beyond the scope of the actual workshop.”

—Marcel T.



Strategic Development and Consulting

Individualized consulting for universities interested in developing 1) career services for international students and/or 2) study or internship abroad programs in Germany with a focus on career development.


Workshops for International Career Professionals

I support international career professionals with further education and training. As an example, I teach a workshop that helps staff design and implement ethical and effective international student marketing strategies.


Speaking & Presentations

Topics may include: inclusive and internationalized career services, talent integration, and career support focused on the German context. Learn more about my experience and contact me to inquire.

“From the very start of her work with us, Jessica exhibited high levels of critical & analytical thinking, initiative and creativity. As part of her work she independently managed a European, multi-stakeholder Knowledge Alliance project, with very little supervision, delivering high quality outputs as a result. What I admire about Jessica apart from her professional acumen is her authenticity, integrity and professionalism. She is a confident and eloquent presenter in front of top-management stakeholders and anyone would be thrilled to have an all-round professional of her caliber on their team. Despite Jessica leaving our team, I look forward to finding different avenues of collaboration with her.”

—Adisa E.

Let’s work together!

Interested in offering a workshop at your university, start working on your institution’s career service strategy, or simply want to learn more about what I do? Fill out the contact form!

Supporting international students interested in launching and building a career in Germany with transparent, evidence-based, and actionable career information and guidance.

Are you a student or job seeker in Germany?

Check out the free resources, articles, and services on Germany Career Coach.